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LSD Dosage Guide

If its your first time tripping (or you want to know what dose to take for any other reason), then this guide is for you. It will cover the general effects of different dosages, how to safely increase in dosage, and safety precautions you should take.

Safety Precautions

Safety comes first! The most important thing to remember is that unless you have raw LSD crystal, you can't really know the dose you're taking. Of course, getting it from a trusted source like Hofmann Hangout means you can trust you are getting the dose you purchased, but you can never be 100% sure.

This is doubly true if you're buying off of the street. Since you're on this website, you're probably going to get it from this store (good choice), but if you are planning on taking some street tabs, know that theres a good chance that they're under-dosed, but potentially laid so unevenly that you could end up with one tab dosed 2-3 times stronger than another tab from the same sheet (I know from personal experience). Vendors like Hofmann Hangout don't have this problem, but it's important to be aware.

Dosages and Effects

The following addresses a general guideline of effects. Every person is unique as is their experience.

The NUMBER 1 Rule:

You can always take more, you can never take less. When in doubt, take the lower dose.

Note: ug means micro-gram. A micro-gram is 1/1000000 of 1 gram, or one- one millionth of a gram.

25-75ug - A threshold/light experience. At the lower end, you will feel some light stimulant effects, mild euphoria, and potentially some small visual distortions. 25ug is just above a micro-dose and you may have some slightly psychedelic thoughts. Once you approach 75ug, you can expect more noticeable visual distortions, brighter Colours, slightly breathing walls, and other small colour effects. There will be a stronger euphoria and music will begin to sound much better.

75-150ug - A mild/stronger experience. Generally 100-125ug is a good place to start for a first trip. Hallucinations become noticeably stronger at 100ug+, you will definitely notice objects seem to breathe, patterns begin to move, and patterns may even form on flat objects. Especially at 150ug, music will begin to be very psychedelic. You may find yourself thinking for what seems to be many minutes, then realize only a few seconds of a song have passed. You will undoubtedly notice things in your favourite songs you have never noticed before, and music can sound almost orgasmic. A psychedelic head-space is much more present at the higher end of these dosages. This includes thinking about things in terms of how society views them, whether or not it's fair. Be ready to go down the rabbit hole of your own thoughts and beliefs if you're new to psychedelics.

150-200ug - Strong trip. This is really the last point where you can talk yourself out of any thoughts/rationalize whats happening to you. Standard logic still applies here, though a very psychedelic head-space is apparent. You will be very susceptible to your surroundings, so be very careful who you surround yourself with. Anxiety can also occur at this dosage. Its important to remember that if you get worried, you just need to calm down. It sounds dumb but taking some deep breaths and putting on some calm/happier music can make all the difference.

200-300ug - This is where heavy trips begin. These are not beginner doses. Regular logic begins to break down at this level. Visuals can become very intense with everything you look at becoming covered in swirling patterns, and closed-eye visuals can become a different dimension within your own mind. Time distortion at this point can become scary. You may find yourself looking at the clock and seconds feel like hours, or you may close your eyes for a few minutes and find that nearly an hour has passed.

300-400ug - Anything here and above this is a very heavy trip. Doing any regular tasks becomes incredibly difficult so make sure you're prepared with everything you may need beforehand. Time may feel like it is completely stopping and your sense of self may begin to dissolve.

400ug+ - These doses are for experienced psychedelic users. Many people will never touch doses this high and for good reason. Albert Hoffman, the creator of LSD, said the highest dose he ever did was 250ug. Everything from the previous paragraph holds true, but is even more intense. It may become difficult to determine whether your eyes are open or closed. Looping thoughts may occur very heavily at this dose, and you may no longer be able to form rational thoughts. Some people enter a psychotic state at these dosages, so a trip sitter is highly recommended.


If it's your first trip, it's safe to stick to the 100-150ug range. If you're thinking about raising your dosage, do it slowly. Take it from us, don't jump from 75ug to 250ug on a whim. Be safe, make sure you have a good set and setting, and have fun :)


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