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Who are Tribe Seuss?

A psychedelic fish from Dr. Seuss

Tribe Seuss, the dedicated team collaborating with Dr. Seuss, embodies a collective spirit that has thrived within the depths of the darknet since the emergence of Silk Road. The Tribe stands poised and eager to share transformative remedies with the global community. All are welcomed with open arms.

The commitment to excellence held by Tribe Seuss is unwavering. The Tribe continually strives to provide a superlative service, presenting only the purest products. Tribe Seuss adamantly refrains from any alterations—offerings are presented precisely as described, and all crystals are meticulously weighed slightly above the stipulated weight, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Their ethical compass directs them towards quality, transparency, speed, and precise information as the prime avenues to achieving their goals.

At the core of the Tribe's operation lies a desire to challenge the limitations of prohibition—a flawed construct that stifles progress. Their aim is to grant users the freedom to explore an array of compounds. The stranglehold of prohibition needlessly criminalizes those who seek recreational or experimental experiences. It casts a shadow over natural medicines, unwittingly serves a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, and fuels a cycle of crime and violence within the drug trade. Recognizing the constraints of individual efforts, the Tribe joins together as a united front, offering an alternative—here and now.

The Tribe fundamentally rejects the notion of drug problems or addiction. Instead, they discern human struggles that some individuals address through substance use. Their conviction lies in the belief that all drugs should be open to use, and any crime involving drugs should be assessed based on the crime itself, not the possession of substances. They envision a world where resources diverted from prosecuting drug users and suppliers are channeled into healing minds that have suffered, thereby reshaping the world we inhabit.

The Tribe's unwavering belief extends to the potential of psychedelic molecules. They champion their legalization and availability as potent and invaluable medicines. These substances have the power to unlock the mind and heart, forging connections that defy ordinary perception. They reveal our true selves and deepen our understanding of consciousness. Moreover, they possess the capacity to heal—alleviating depression, addiction, and myriad ailments that remain untapped in their potential. The Tribe wields the tools to heal the collective human consciousness, yet unjust barriers prevent harnessing their power. It is their solemn duty to share these transformative molecules with the world, and this is their unequivocal purpose.

Education serves as a cornerstone of the Tribe's mission. They are resolute in enlightening newcomers about their offerings, their safe procurement, and responsible usage. The Tribe implores customers to conduct thorough research before embarking on any experimentation with these substances. Their ever-growing repository of information is accessible to all, empowering individuals to educate themselves before embarking on a journey of exploration. The Tribe is dedicated to sharing accrued knowledge and to expanding their information section, inviting contributions. In the spirit of mutual growth, the Tribe engages in the journey of learning, teaching, and sharing. Knowledge, indeed, is power—the Tribe aims to empower one another.

Rooted in the desire to diffuse love and illumination across the world, Tribe Seuss extends a heartfelt invitation to all to join in the mission to awaken human consciousness. 

What is the Tribe Seuss philosophy?

What is the Tribe Seuss mission?

A psychedelic bear from Dr. Seuss

History Of Dr. Seuss 3.0 LSD

A psychedelic cat in a hat

In its early stages, DS-1.0 emerged, boasting an admirable high purity but accompanied by a clouded and heady experience. Its visual realm flowed like liquid, yet lacked the body high of its successors. High doses occasionally led to an introverted journey marked by confusion.

Through perseverance and innovation, a breakthrough arrived in late 2017. Armed with upgraded equipment, including advanced chromatography tools and larger reaction vessels, DS-2.0 materialized with over 98.7% purity. This iteration exhibited heightened energy, a tingling body high, and enchanting holographic visuals. Its head space was characterized by newfound clarity, evoking childlike wonder and delight, making it an ideal companion for home-based psychedelic journeys with friends.

Autumn of 2018 marked a triumphant milestone, as the team surpassed the elusive 99% purity threshold, unveiling DS-3.0. This crystal introduced an unprecedented level of mental clarity, enabling coherent interaction within the midst of swirling psychedelic patterns. Alongside this, an intense euphoric body high coursed through, accompanied by a profound sense of love and compassion. Aptly dubbed "the universal compass," DS-3.0 embodied healing qualities and profound lessons, inspiring a yearning to connect and experience life. Its lucid head space made it perfect for socializing and festivities, a favorite among many.

Dosage variations offered unique experiences. At 100ug, a gentle journey unfolded, enhancing colors and delivering moving visuals over a 6-hour span. 150ug offered a more intense 8-10 hour journey, with trails, airy visuals, and holographic patterns. At 200ug, a remarkable 12-hour voyage ensued, complete with beautiful closed-eye visuals and open-eye visualizations during a 5-6 hour plateau—a realm suited for confident explorers. Finally, at 300ug, a transformative experience awaited, though some confusion might accompany the journey. This dosage demanded utmost responsibility, and a trip sitter was strongly advised.

Dr. Seuss' creation stands as a testament to innovation and enlightenment, inviting those who seek deeper connections and consciousness expansion to embark on a journey like no other. Handle this precious experience with care and reverence, as it has the potential to unlock profound dimensions within.

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