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Under the Sea

Who are we?

Welcome to Hofmann Hangout, your trusted destination for exploring the transformative power of psychedelics. We are Adam and Lucy, two visionary individuals who embarked on a remarkable journey during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fueled by our unyielding passion for accessible psychedelics, we set out to create a haven where the power of these substances can be harnessed safely and responsibly.

At Hofmann Hangout, we believe that psychedelics hold the key to unlocking profound insights within ourselves and the universe. We recognize the potential of these substances to foster deeper connections and understanding. With our extensive expertise, we specialize in curating a diverse range of psychedelics, including the enchanting realms of LSD and magic mushrooms. Our online dispensary brings you a secure and discreet shopping experience, allowing you to safely buy psychedelics online in Canada.

We understand that venturing into the world of psychedelics can be both thrilling and daunting. That's why we're here to provide unwavering customer support, answering your questions and providing resources to empower your informed decisions. Our community-oriented approach sets us apart - we're not just a dispensary; we're a space where experiences are shared, insights are gained, and connections are forged.

We aren't just passionate about psychedelics; we're advocates for change. Believing that access to these transformative substances should be a right rather than a privilege, we work to make psychedelics more affordable and accessible to everyone who seeks their benefits. Our commitment to social responsibility is woven into every fibre of Hofmann Hangout's philosophy.

Hofmann Hangout is more than a shop; it's a community where visionaries and seekers gather to explore the incredible potential of psychedelics. Our dedication to high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and responsible advocacy sets the stage for transformative experiences. Embrace the journey with us, as you delve into a world of insight, connection, and personal growth. Shop today and become a part of the ever-evolving Hofmann Hangout community.


Questions? Give us a shout through our chat or contact us at

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