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How To Make Mushroom Tea

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Why Mushroom Tea?

* Improved Digestion - Some people experience nausea eating mushrooms, partly due to the hard to digest raw material, such as chitin, which makes up fungi's cell walls. Psilocybin is extremely water soluble, so you will be extracting the active ingredients into your tea and tossing the remaining raw material.

* Faster Onset - The typical onset for raw mushrooms is about an hour, depending on your stomach content and metabolism. Of course, your stomach can absorb liquids much faster than solids, so you can expect to start feeling the effects of your mushroom tea with a few minutes. From personal experience, I've found that I am usually peaking within 15 minutes or so from drinking mushroom tea.

* Accurate Dosing - The concentration of psilocybin in raw mushrooms is notoriously inconsistent. There may be significantly more psilocybin from one mushroom to another (even when taken from the same batch) or there may be a higher concentration of psilocybin in the caps vs the stems of your mushrooms. Brewing your mushrooms in to tea will homogenize the psilocybin in your finished product so that each measured dose will have a consistent amount of active ingredients. This is essentially the same concept as volumetric dosing.

* Taste - Personally, I enjoy the taste of raw mushrooms, but I seem to be an outlier in this area. Brewing your mushrooms in to tea will remove the "mushroom" flavor that is so common to the raw material and leave you with whatever tea and sweeteners you decide to use.

Tools/Ingredients Needed

* Mushrooms -

* Scale - Make sure you weigh your mushrooms first so that you know exactly how much you are putting in to your tea! As stated earlier, this will make dosing much easier. If you use 7g of mushrooms and make 7 cups of tea, each cup will be equal to 1g of mushrooms.

* Grinder - A coffee grinder works best, but you can use a cannabis grinder as well.

* Strainer/Cheesecloth - You will want to remove any solid mushroom material from the tea before ingesting.

* Tea Of Your Choice - Earl Grey is traditional, but you can use whatever flavor you enjoy.

* Sauce Pan/Pot - This is for mixing the mushrooms in with your brewed tea.

* Teapot - Yes, you can make tea without a teapot, but I highly recommend using a teapot vs the alternatives.

Steps For Making Mushroom Tea

1. Brew Your Tea - This is somewhat debatable, but I highly recommend that you brew your tea leaves first before touching your mushrooms. Psilocybin is not stable at high temperatures, so you wouldn't want to add boiling water to your mushrooms.

2. Weigh & Grind Your Mushrooms - You will want to grind your mushrooms in to a fine powder (again, a coffee grinder is ideal for this). The idea here is that you want to create as much surface area as possible to improve the solubility of your psilocybin.

3. Brew Your Ground Mushrooms - Put your brewed tea in a sauce pan/pot and bring it to a "rolling boil". There shouldn't be any bubbles coming up but you should see some churning of the liquid. Add your ground mushrooms and stir frequently for 10-15 minutes. Make sure that the liquid never starts to boil once you've added your ground mushrooms!

4. Strain Out Any Solid Material - If you've done everything properly, the psilocybin in your mushrooms should be completely absorbed into your tea, so there's no point in leaving any of the remaining solid mushroom material in your brew! Strain it out and toss the solid material.

5. Flavor To Taste - Add any sweeteners or cream that you would normally use in your tea. Many people also like to add ginger to help with nausea or lavender to help with relaxation, but these are optional.

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