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A Short Guide On LSD

Single dose: 80ug-125ug Microdose: 10ug-20ug Time of onset: 30-60 minutes Peak: 2-3 hours Duration: 8-12 hours How to take: Put a tab (paper square) on your tongue and let it dissolve for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Effects: Energized, excited, giggly, new thoughts forming, bodily sensations, visual distortions, distorted sense of time Possible negative effects: Anxiety, confusion, feeling overwhelmed, intrusive thoughts and/or memories **LSD overdose is extremely uncommon. You would need to take approximately 14,000 ug to risk

a fatal overdose. If you are having a bad trip, it is important to remember that you are high, safe, and that you will return to your normal state in time. Mindset and environment are necessary to consider before you consume LSD. Never take LSD if you are not in a good mindset or if you are not in a comfortable environment!

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