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Jerry Martin Sells Hard Drugs

Jerry Martin, 51, lost two brothers to drugs: one, a few months ago to an overdose and the second to murder connected to the drug trade. This fueled Martin into becoming an advocate, working to shift how addiction and supply are viewed. Martin himself spent fifteen years on the street and faced challenges in getting sober from hard drugs. He feels he has a duty to help end stigma around drug users.

The Drugs Store will include products such as MDMA, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin. It will also operate a delivery service called DrugsDash. Although BC decriminalizes drug possession January 31st, selling these products will remain illegal. Martin believes by providing safe and tested drugs in his new store will save lives. However, he knows he will most likely get arrested.

Offering safe supply is a key component in harm reduction. Martin states he will keep a minimal amount of drugs on site to avoid robbery. He will sell a maximum amount of 2.5 grams per person, in line with BC's new decriminalization rules. Every purchase will also come with educational resources. Martin will warn customers about the dangers of using drugs and direct them toward neighbourhood resources that will help them get clean, get a place to spend the night, or have something to eat.

Martin's sources for various drugs are also, of course, illegal. It took him a year to find a heroin supplier as the opioid has been almost completely replaced by fentanyl. All drugs will be tested at Get Your Drugs Tested, a free service in the DTES. We, at Hofmann Hangout, have also used this amazing service on our own products. The people who work there are friendly, professional, and care about safe supply and harm reduction.

If Martin faces being arrested and charged, he and his lawyer will launch a constitutional challenge. Section 7 of the charter states that all Canadians have "the right to life, liberty, and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice." Section 7 challenges were used to successfully strike down laws prohibiting medical cannabis in Canada.


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